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Associate Professor at Inseec Business School in Paris, France

Researcher within Contemplative Sciences & Sustainability 

Spiritualist Minister, Medium & Holistic Healer

Marie Holm, PhD is an Associate Professor of INSEEC School of Business and Economics in the Department of Management and Human Resources. She completed a Doctoral degree in Management Science from Sorbonne Université and a PhD from ESCP Europe under the direction of Dr. Isaac Getz, followed by a Post-Doctorate at Grenoble École de Management. 

She explores themes of workplace spirituality, especially new age religions, also known as new religious movements (NRMs) within sociology and anthropology. Of particular interest to her are alternate states of mind cultivated through contemplative practices, especially trance meditation, and how these relate to wider society and contributing to the greater good. Current projects include the role of religions in relation to management education, the intersection of humanistic and spiritual practices in organisations, and gaining understanding of alternative worldviews such as from trance healing and mediumship in Spiritualism and Spiritism, in Brazil, France, the UK, Norway and beyond.

Her research appears in peer-reviewed academic journals including Academy of Management Learning and Education, Organization, the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, and the Learning Organization. She serves as a reviewer for Organization, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Journal of Management Inquiry, M@n@gement, Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, Learning Organization, and other purlications and conferences. 

On the spiritual side, Dr. Holm is a certified Holistic Healer, Medium and Minister of the Norwegian Spiritualist Foundation. Following studying under teachers including André Kirsebom, Simone Key, Stella Upton, Moira Hawkins, Tim Abbott, Debs Kiely, Martin Colclough and many other notable names,  she founded and co-leads Les Spiritualistes Francophones with Suzanne Jones in activities of meditation and spiritual development, as well as performing religious and civic ceremonies. In 2023, she completed the Platform Accreditation Scheme of the Spiritualist National Union (SNUi) for mediumship and philosophy, as well as was the prior Country Representative for France. 

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